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Neon Rush 2 is an addictive, fast paced, arcade brick breaker.

Do you like smashing things into little bits?

Are you mesmerized by flashing neon lights?

Should I go smash up a 50's diner?

No! Smashing up a 50's diner is a terrible idea, but now because of Neon Rush 2, you can have the next best thing. No cops, no angry shop keepers, and no stupid 50's diner music.

Tilt your device to move the ball around. Each time your ball hits a neon block, it shatters into a million pieces. When you clear all the blocks on the screen you go to a new level with, wait for it...


The fun truly never stops! Unless, you run out of time of course, because then its game over. But don't fret yet, your neon exploding days aren't over, if you hit a neon block that is the same color as your ball you get more time. Because everybody knows that when you explode two neon lights together that are the same color they emit a giant shockwave that defies space, time and taxes.

If that wasn't enough we have also stocked the game up with power up blocks. These "special" blocks teleport and change colors. You want to hit these blocks as they can give you any power-up you can imagine. As long as you can only imagine a Hyper and a Multi-Ball power up. The Multi-Ball power up can give you up to 10 extra balls, for an infinite amount of fun*. The Hyper power-up super-charges your ball so you can obliterate the blocks, as if they were made of cheap 50's diner styrofoam.

Then, when you finally lose, you can post your score online, stick it to your Game Center friends and to that one anonymous internet guy who keeps on beating your high scores on every game. To sweeten the deal this app uses a state of the art Voxelized Light Renderer. We aren't quite sure what that means, but it sure does sound cool.



-An Infinite Amount of Procedurally Generated Levels**

-3 Different Game Modes

-Plays Your iPod Music

-18 Game Center Achievements

-6 Global Leader Boards

-Learn about new numbers

-Compete against the world and your Game Center friends.

-Overall amazingness

*Fun may not be infinite, due to the laws of economics.

**Ha, take that, laws of economics.